Kathy Baldock var tidigare en konservativ kristen kvinna, utan någon gay som vän eller ens vagt bekant. Hennes övertygelse var att att det inte existerar någon person som är både kristen och gay.

Ett möte med en lebisk kvinna under en vandring i bergen blir starten på en livsomvändande vänskap och vilket ledde vidare till mötet med kristna HBTQ-personer över hela USA.

Idag är Kathy en betydande röst för HBTQ-peroners rättigher i amerikansk kristenhet.

Hon verkar inom organisationen Canyonwalkers Connections.

Kathys bok innehåller bl.a. en intressant redogörelse för utvecklingen av den evangelikala rörelsens undervisning i sexualetik och politik.

En längre redogörelse för hennes bakgrund finns att läsa på Canyonwalkers hemsida:

”2001, Baldock, well insulated in the conservative Christian church and social spheres with no gay friends, strongly believes one could not be both gay and Christian. After befriending a fellow hiker – a gay, lesbian, agnostic, Native American woman, Netto Montoya – on the trails near her home in the Sierra Nevada, Baldock’s deeply entrenched cultural attitudes toward the gay community were challenged. Since none of her new gay friends openly identified as Christian, Baldock was able to maintain the wall between the two words “gay” and “Christian.”

When I first heard you speak at a local conference last year I was touched by the passion and drive that the Lord had put on your heart for this topic. You are filling a hole in the story that has not been told and I’m excited to see where it leads. Thank You for standing up when called.” Clifton, KC, MO
After reading an article in the New York Times about gay Christians in 2007, Baldock became the first straight Christian advocate to attend the Gay Christian Network (GCN) annual conference. The intention was simple: to witness expressions of faith in the LGBT community. The relationships established at the conference set Baldock on a path to becoming an ally, and eventually a strong advocate for LGBT people of faith in conservative Christian communities and beyond.

Baldock has been blogging and speaking for equality and inclusion in churches and at national conferences since 2009. Baldock left her job as a successful sales person in the tech industry hoping to make significant impact for justice in conservative faith communities.

Kathy Baldock Walking the Bridgeless CanyonBaldock has become a prominent female voice for inclusion of the LGBT community in conservative churches. In 2014 she published Walking the Bridgeless Canyon: Repairing the Breach Between the Church and the LGBT Community and is one of the foremost experts on the history of the cultural and religious discrimination of the LGBT community in America.”